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Have you bought a travel ticket by train but do you intend to cancel it because of some business ? Just  contact the Kai Call Centre for a return and get your money back easily  . Using rail transport is now the best choice because of the facilities provided .

In addition to the easy-to-write mechanism , customers are now given the option to return if the trip does not take place . With this benefit , customers do not feel harmed by the obstacles they face when they want to travel by train .

How to effectively buy back the tickets you have already booked ? There are several ways that karunki can try , use kai ‘s official application or be able to get directly to the station number . Before  contacting kai ‘s call centre for a refund , it is a good idea to follow these steps .

Placing an order through Kai access

Not only to cancel , kai ‘s official application can also be practically used to book travel tickets . Without needing a long line or spending a lot of time simply booking it through the station container , see the steps to book a ticket using Kai Lass .

  1. First, you must register yourself first. Select ” Account ” menus for the process .
  2. Select the next ” home ” menu and specify the train type you want to use .
  3. Another step is to determine the city and home city for the trip .
  4. Bookmakers are also required to include the date of departure . This app also provides the option of a round trip ticket to make it easier for customers . Feeling the task? For more information , contact the Kai Call Centre for re-data .
  5. In another step , the booklet should fill the number of passengers (a maximum of 4) provided that passengers under the age of three are graded as passengers in the children ‘s category .
  6. From now on , identify the train you want to use at a full class type , travel time , and price that must be paid .
  7. On the other hand , the book needs to fill out their personal information .
  8. Then Booker fills out the set number as well as calories as needed . Make sure the set you have booked is still empty and has not been booked by others .
  9. The last step is to pay the ticket . There are several payment options such as using the payment ticket system , transferring through the Linkaja application , or using ATM , E-banking , or MBanking .
  10. If you find a problem , you can immediately contact the Kai Call Centre for a refund or just ask about the purchase procedure  .

Cancel ticket using Kai access

For customers who want to cancel their tickets , they can easily use the official application from Kai . Here are the steps :

  1. Write access to the KI access application

Step 1, you need to enter the application first. If karunki has not installed the application , the user can download it to Google Play or app store .

  1. Go to the abolition menus

After the application is opened , the next step is to select ” cancel ” menus . In menus , tickets you have already booked will appear , and then they will continue by choosing which tickets will be cancelled .

  1. Enter the ticket details menu

Before you decide to  contact Kai ‘s call centre for a return , it would be best for you to try the following way . After access to the cancellation menus , continue by selecting the ” ticket detail page ” menus . There you will be presented to the passenger data show . Later , the name you want to cancel will be included in the bank account information . Select the fee as the middle way to return .

  1. Certificate of cancellation

After selecting the passenger and selecting the bank account , the refund process can continue with the approval of the cancellation . Simply choose to “cancel the ticket ” to follow this process . But before you finish the above process, you must first make sure that all data is filled properly.

  1. Historical Details

A detailed review of the cancellation date must be done before you leave the application . To see the cancellation date , you only need to select the ” History Details ” menu and then see the details on the current page .

 Cancelling tickets  through manual method

In addition to the above methods , it is a good idea for customers to recognize the steps to cancel tickets taken through a manual mechanism . Before deciding to contact kai ‘s call centre for a return , there is nothing to do with the following instructions .

  1. to travel to the train station

Because this mechanism is manual , the ticket holder must go to the nearest train stop . In general , the station will provide several conditions before repaying such as bookcode , booker identification , and photocopy of identification .

  1. Providing passenger information

After visiting the nearest station , Booker can then see the customer service department . The CS will then submit a form that will then need to be filled out by the party submitted .

The application process itself is also carried out in a specific cancellation . The referral party also needs to complete information in accordance with the form , which was two copies , ticket data and passenger data . Problem with the proposed mechanisms ? If you need more information , contact the Kai Call Centre for rest  .

  1. Katrinter visits for extradition

Another step is to submit applications for repurchase , which are already available . Here , the order will provide two options for the return of money , which have been given through bank transfers or cash . For both options , the search time is in 30×24 hours from the time you began to consider canceling .

  1. repayment of money

Another step is to get a value called according to the ticket you cancelled earlier . But before you visit the count , make sure you bring the form given to the officer in accordance with the previous process .

You should understand that the amount given by Kai is certainly not 100 percent . If you are thinking about why this is the case , please contact kai ‘s call centre to return and  find out about it .

Refunding through call centres

In 2020, PT Kirita Api Indonesia ( Pirsro ) provides facilities for the cancellation process and the return of tickets ordered by consumers . Now the process is only under three days old . But they demanded that customers should use the online system for such a broadcast .

In addition , return applications must also be renewed by kai access applications . The application application process can be done by downloading it in the playstore or app store to get the latest version of the application . You can get more full information to get back by contacting the Kai Call Centre .

Another step is the same as the above points , which are based on the information written in the booking data of the previous tickets through the identification registration method . Then the client enters the cancellation menu and fills out the account number for the fund transfer process .

Many people are now interested in using PTKarata Api Indonesia services . In addition to the increased quality of services , some new information , especially refunding , is also easier . For those you need more explanations , contact  kai call centre for  021-121 or e-mail .

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