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UOB Call Center, a feature customers need to use

The UOB call center feature  is a service that can be used by both customers and non-customers to get accurate information about the banking world. This allows people to more accurately choose information from reliable sources.

This feature is designed to help customers and non-customers avoid getting involved in fraud motives on behalf of the bank in question. So not just digest a message, but call the consumer’s call to get the right clarification from the bank.

In addition to helping customers avoid problem with fraud, customer service calls also have several other features. If you have a complaint or problem with the relevant bank, please contact the bank through the consumer call feature.

Features like this need to be used because not many people know their benefits right now. By hosting a problem, the bank cannot know and solve the problem. Therefore, this feature should be used by customers when complaints come.

Complaint process at UOB call center function

Filing a complaint when a banking problem occurs, both administrative and non-administrative, is easy to do. The following are the procedures of complaints that match the procedure on the bank’s part. Use this feature if you find complaints about banking transactions.

You can contact the UOB call center on 14008, this service is open 24/7, so there is always a problem when it is reported immediately. Report in detail what complaints you have experienced so the bank can resolve the issue as soon as possible.

After the customer reported the complaint, the bank immediately pursued the problem. This process is done immediately as a UOB priority of customer convenience. So, after you report the problem, you will be investigated immediately.

If the problem is found, the next step will be an investigation by the bank. This evaluation process usually takes a relatively long time, depending on the complexity of the problem. It is possible that the investigation process could be completed in one day if the problem facing is easily resolved.

After the bank received a common point in the problem, the customer was contacted immediately. If the customer agrees with the way the bank charges, the problem is declared complete. But what if the customer is not satisfied with the bank’s results?

If the customer is still not satisfied with the billing offered by UOB, he or she can media with BI or OJK. By using this drug, it is hoped that customers’ problems can be solved efficiently. So no one feels the emotion of the incident.

In addition to the UOB call center, complaints can be reported by email

The complaints featured in this email will be very helpful if you are abroad. By using email wherever you are, you can still report different types of complaints. The reporting process was also very quick, as there was already a dedicated server for email complaints.

If  you want to use the email feature as an alternative to the UOB call center, please send  a message to If you don’t have to wait long, the email will be answered immediately by the bank. So this is not different from the use of traditional reporting methods.

The email feature can also be an alternative if you have a fairly complex problem. The attached data evidence is made easier by using email because you can send an image or video file as evidence. This will make it easier for the bank to investigate the problem.

If the customer is cooperative and provides a full complaint report, the processing process may also be faster. You can also go to the branch if you can attach enough data to support the complaint of the problem.

As a bank that prioritizes the convenience of its customers, UOB will do the best to solve various problems. So you don’t have to be afraid to report the problem you’ve had. The bank is guaranteed to solve the problem.

Not only making promises, but UOB will be able to prove its performance

To prove his concern about customer complaints, the UOB call center feature was not the only  one provided. The bank is moving seriously to solve any problem, and there are always concrete reports about the case. Customers can also view troubleshooting the report directly.

When you open the complaint page on the UOB bank’s official website, a publication will be shown below the website to process the case. The page contains data about cases experienced by customers. The proportion of cases processed is relatively high because it reaches more than 90 percent.

Maybe other banks will be able to make promises, but UOB provides evidence of handling performance. They are not afraid to point it out when there is a case that is not closed. It has been confirmed that in 2019 cases will only be closed in 2020. This is proof that the bank is committed to solving the problem.

The UOB Call Center is the first gate connecting customers to the bank. If the customer does not use this gate, the problem cannot be quickly solved. Therefore, any complaint that you feel when you use this bank, just report it immediately.

The bank greatly appreciates the complaints of customers. The report could be used as a reflection to improve services to customers as much as possible. Without a report, the relevant parties would not be able to correct the agency’s errors.

If you are struggling, use the consumer calling feature, send an email, or contact your nearest branch directly. The conservative party will be happy to consider and resolve this matter. Thus, consumer convenience can be maintained, so that the reputation of the bank can be carefully preserved.

Avoiding fraud by using UOB Call Center

Several criminal proceedings on behalf of a bank are currently on the rise. Of course, as a talented customer, you need to confirm all the information. Don’t be too easily seduced by the sweet words of savvy scammers who want to empty their wallets.

The number of fraud cases occurs because customer service is very small. They hesitated to confirm it and ended up in the criminal trap. Buyer calls can prevent this.

Moreover, victims do not hesitate to report crimes that have happened to them. In fact, in the reports of these victims, the bank may have played a role in law enforcement agencies to handle criminal cases.

Without reports from related victims, it would be very difficult for banks to deal with it. So do most of the features provided by banking companies for the convenience of the public. Reporting fraud for the sake of the bank is commendable.

You can even thank you for using this feature to avoid increasing loss. Wouldn’t it be better if you participated in preventing the next victim? Public banking activity is also healthier with cognitive reporting activity.

Do not underestimate the feature of calls from the bank. All types of reports are immediately considered and also reviewed. To create a great banking environment, use the UOB call center feature  to report all kinds of financial and non-financial complaints.

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