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Contact Gojek Call Center Number If You Have a Service Complaint

Along with the change in people’s lifestyles that are more efficient because there are now services between online motorcycle taxi companies that have gojek call center numbers. In general, this company is able to offer delivery services using motors or called ojek using an application that can be accessed when and only the user is located.

Using only one app, many people can enjoy an easier life such as ordering food, buying or sending packages of essential items. The way the gojek application works is to access your place and place of delivery to be able to use ojek services. Later a motorcycle taxi driver will receive your order for a certain fee.



Everything can be done online so that the Gojek application can make people’s lives easier today due to online motorcycle taxi services. Because of the online ojek service, of course you need a gojek call center number to be able to provide complaints about services that aren’t that good and require improvements in the future to be even better.

But of course, in addition to complaints, you can also ask about delivery services, how to see the status of the shipment, how to deposit money in the balance and others using the customer service number. In general, gojek customer service phone numbers for all types of services can call 021-50849000 at local rates.

Many Benefits That Can Be Gained in One Gojek Application

Along with the developmentof digital technology today, it is certainly not surprising that human life patterns are already highly dependent on gadgets. The gojek application is one of the proof that technological developments have currently helped human life. But of course this is inseparable from the need  for a gojek call center number to be able to connect with Gojek.

Currently, the Gojek application has been used by almost all people in Indonesia because it is able to make everyone’s life easier. Just by using a single application, you can already place orders and deliveries at a low price. With this application, the mindset of all people has changed to be even more advanced.

For example, you can order food with the gofood feature on the Gojek application. Later the food is ordered by a courier and delivered to the destination of the order just like the house where you live. Even if you encounter problems, you just need to contact your gojek call center number to get more compensation.

Therefore, all these conveniences can change the lifestyle of today’s people to be even more advanced. No need to mind having to go and spend time, just using one application you can get whatever you want. In addition to ordering food, you can also use goziek services to replace taxis and public transportation.

The way it works is very easy, you just need to use the goride feature to order ojek services online and at the time of booking make sure the destination location is in the correct coordination. Later the motorcycle taxi will pick you up until you arrive at your destination safely. But if the driver doesn’t see driving safety, you can report it to your call center number.

Gojek App Has a Very Useful Virtual Cash Balance

Apart from placing orders and deliveries, the Gojek application also has other features that are very useful for technological advances in this day and age. This feature is a virtual money balance called gopay that can be used to make purchase and sales transactions. Benefits are considered good for most people because there is no need to bring in money to pay for something.

Only using barcodes and shipping codes can you transact with sellers and buyers. But of course to use it you can increase your gopay balance first with real money through a transfer from the bank. If you face problems when filling your balance, you may wonder about the problem for the Gojek call center number.

Later your problem will be followed up by looking at the existing problem points. But it takes it easy, in addition to increasing the balance using a bank transfer. There are other ways that can be used such as using an online motorcycle taxi service to increase balance. Later you pay the ojek to replace it as a gopay balance in the gojek application.

A very easy way to use gojek or gopay in this day and age, even if there is a problem you just need to contact the gojek call center number to be able to fix the problem. In addition, Gojek’s call center service also has 24 hours of service time so that it can be contacted anytime, anywhere when faced with obstacles.

Customer Service Can Be Contactedwith Gojek App

Apart from making life easier today, the Gojek application also provides several interesting features that you can use. For delivery and order services, gojek provides gobox, gocar, goride, gosend, gomart and goshop features. Moreover, customer service can also be contacted using the Gojek application directly.

The method is very easy, you only need to see the help feature in the account page section of the Gojek application. Later you can find the necessary information about your obstacles at that time. However, still contacting the gojek call center number is considered to provide more complete answers because it is able to connect with the operator directly.

Previously, to contact customer service, you can use the number 021-50849000 at a low rate. But that number is actually used for customers who only use the gojek application. In fact, there are other special phone numbers that can be used by online motor taxi drivers to ask questions or make complaints about the nature of customers.

The number used specifically for online motor taxi drivers is 021-50233200 with the same tariff fee as customer number. Of course, the gojek call center number always helps all customers and drivers to solve the problems they are facing. Because gojek strives to provide the best service for all users of their services.

Gojek Strives to Always Provide the Best Service

Since its establishment in 2010, Gojek Indonesia has always tried to provide the best service for all customers using its services. In terms of services, features, attractive bonuses and improvement of service problems, gojek always strives to become the number one online ojek service provider in Indonesia today.

Even in addition to customer service with a gojek call center number, there are also many attractive offers that you can use every time you use the Gojek application. For loyal customers of gojek service users, there are attractive bonuses such as discounted shipping fees or food discounts in certain stores that have collaborated with gofood partners.

If you don’t know what gofood partners are, it’s actually food vendors who have collaborated with goosebumps to sell and promote products that use gojeks. When ordering food using a gofood, the menu at discounted prices is one part of the superior cooperation between Gojek and the owners of the food stall.

Gojek always tries to make it easier for anyone from drivers, food business owners and customers to be able to connect with each other using just one application. With the existence of gojeks, it is undeniable that life today becomes easier and better. Including if you face a problem, do not hesitate to contact your gojek call center number so that it can be repaired as soon as possible.