Contacting the UOB Bank call centre  is not difficult : BANSOS

UOB Call Center  serves as complaints to users and various services

The UOB call center  is certainly very useful to its users.    Although in some areas most people do not know this, the name UOB is already very popular in major cities.

If calculated from that year, August 31, he will be as old as 65. With such a long-term existence, there are many users. His employees alone number more than 3,000 people. Thus, the developments are already visible in many ways. The banking world is really very complicated.

This complexity certainly causes various problems that customers often experience. This matter should be resolved as quickly as possible. You as a customer will find it difficult because knowing about the banking world itself is not easy to find. Therefore, contacting the UOB call  center may be the best choice.

Contacting the UOB Bank call centre  is not difficult

Call centres can help in many ways. That’s because, the CS that handles the call centre has gone through a long training session. Long training certainly matured his knowledge of call centers. This makes every question and the complaint filed by consumers will be answered appropriately.

   To contact him by phone, the customer should contact 14008.

But, When you contact it, there is a rate that is paid for more.

Contacting the UOB call center  by landline is really much cheaper.

Therefore, there is another option in the form of contacting the service via chat. To use the service, customers can contact the official U care@OB email.

When you report to the UOB Call Center   by email, To make it easier, make sure you provide questions with the clearest possible chronology   .

Detailed customer complaint scheme

Customer complaints are the main feature of the call center. When you contact, there are claims that can be made by customers so that the losses they feel can be paid. However, when you call the call centre, it does not mean that the loss payment will be made immediately. There is a scheme that needs to be adopted first.

Let’s take, for example, the case where we make a transfer of a certain amount of money. For example, you transfer money worth 100 million rupees to your colleagues. However, there is a report that the transfer has failed. When the balance is checked, it turns out that the balance sheet is reduced by this amount.

When this happens, you can certainly contact the  UOB Call Center.

In the process of monitoring the complaint, the CS will direct the matter to the appropriate field. The appropriate field will examine why the balance can be reduced when delivery is not made. This will know the reason for the reduction of balance. As a rule, this occurs due to a system error.

If the problem is indeed due to a system error, The UOB Call Centre   will express its apology to the consumer, while sending an explanation of the results of the investigation. Explanations of the results of this investigation can be sent through various media from email, phone, to SMS. In the message, uob will list its agreement with consumer complaints.

Under the deal, the lost amount of 100 million will be repaid to consumers. After returning the money, the customer can check the balance to make sure the money actually came in. If you have entered, the request process is complete and customers can perform activities as usual.

There are several conditions under which the complaint is rejected

When a system error occurs, all complaints will be    approved by UOB. Approval will also be given directly through an official message.

Naturally, his refusal was not carried out informally. A clear reason will be given as to why the appeal has been rejected. When they experience this rejection, there are several options customers can choose from. The first option certainly stops there because it is aware that the mistakes were made in person.

However, if you feel you have done nothing wrong, the customer may file further complaints. For this type of problem, the call centre will also provide direction in submitting the next phase of the complaint. In the complaint, the consumer can direct it to two official institutions.

The first official institution was the BI. Bank Indonesia will receive complaints related to the payment system. The payment system itself varies from credit cards, ATMs, to transfers of funds. When the problem is the loss of the balance of 100 million as in the example above, a complaint will be lodged with the BI.

In addition to the BI, however, complaints can be filed with the KLA. The KLA itself is for the Financial Services Authority. KLA is an institution that handles consumer complaints. Complaints themselves differ from current accounts, savings, to loans. You can also contact him for further complaints.

However, the BI and ojk are the final stage of the complaints.  From here, the issue will be resolved and there will be no more problems between the two.

Various problems can be solved with call centers

There are various problems that make consumers have to contact the UOB call center. The most common problem customers experience is in the form of swallowed debit cards.

In addition, you can contact the call center if you have any issues related to the banking world. The issue can cover all aspects. By asking the call centre, CS will provide a detailed explanation of the issue. Of course, the cs response is much more satisfying than looking for an internet response yourself.

There is no need to hesitate when contacting CS for different purposes. Its existence serves as a guide for customers. Thus, it is indeed the place if difficulties are felt, a way out through the call centre is required. In the end, contacting the UOB call  center is very easy and the price is not much.

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