For Samsung, you can use the Jogja Service Center: RumahTeknologi

Mobile service options for 24 hours!

Repairing damaged gadgets with  the nearest mobile service center is actually one of the best options. In addition, there is now 24-hour access in different service centers, especially for major cities, as will be discussed below in its entirety.

When your gadget or commonly called your mobile phone (HP) is damaged, of course, it’s a case of repairing it. There are various advantages of the best service centers to use when repairing our gadgets.

If you have a solid location from the mobile service center, there is no need to get confused  about finding another repair service. In a big city like Yogyakarta, there are also many gadget repair services that will provide services to all customers who need it.

This electronic item of smartphone type will usually have its own time warranty to use when the item is damaged within a predetermined period of time. Well, using the benefits of your gadget guarantee card, you can immediately arrive at the official point of sale of the service center.

For different types of smartphones, of course, it will be different in the search for stores to provide warranty service. You need to be even more careful to be able to find the right place based on your gadget brand that will be damaged by both hardware and software components.

The choice to make improvements to a particular service center was also made by most people. Apart from the fact that the cost will fall later to be more efficient. Another reason is that it is easier and more convenient when the service is used for repairs.

Mobile Service Center for Xiaomi

For those of you whoare Xiaomi users, the official choice of repair services  is spread across Indonesia as a whole. Usually foran ayanan called Mi Service center is available in the city closest to you, especially in the following jabodetabek area:

  1. Options in Xiaomi Jakarta mobile service center

In the area of the city of Jakarta it is very easy to find repair services and consultation with xiaomi gadgets. One of them is xiaomi service center in ruko ITC Fatmawati No. 21 Cipete, Kebayoran Baru in southern Jakarta. To contact them, you can use the phone number 021-7399200.

  1. Xiaomi service options in Bogor

In the Bogor area there are only two Xiaomi service options, namely at xiaomi Pajajaran Service Center in Pajajaran street and UNICOME CARE Bogor Trade Mall on the 2nd floor of bogor trade mall, 2nd Floor Block 2F A10 No. Curve 009A. Although the number can be contacted at 0251-8576499 or 62-251-8401201.

  1. P ilihan xiaomi banten service

So for customers who are in the area around Banten, there are 3 places to provide services, namely the first Galeri call shop, Unicom Care Lippo Karawaci Tangerang and Xiaomi Exlusive Service Center Tangerang. These three locations will provide the necessary services to repair Xiaomi gadgets.

  1. Xiaomi Depok mobile service center valkostir

In Depok saerah there is only one place to use to ask for advice or respond to complaints from xiaomi users, namely at UNICOME CARE Depok Town Square – Multibrand. If you can’t go directly to the store, you can use the phone number provided, that is, no. 021-78870152.

  1. Xiaomi Bekasi þjónustuvalkostir

In addition, in Bekasi there are several official counters of this brand such as Unicom Bekasi – Multibrand, Korcell Store Service Center Xiaomi Bekasi, Xiaomi Exclusive Service Bekasi and TRISTAR Pondok Gede. There are also places that provide services for a whole week so you can have it easier when you want to get the service.

Use the following Vivo mobile help center

The service center will make it easier for each customer to get what they need. Don’t forget the Vivo brand, there have also been trusted outlets provided if you want to make improvements or other things in this Vivo brand gadget you have.

By using the official outlets, of course, you can get more benefits, of which one is more trustworthy. Accredited agents also always provide services against damages without any concessions. So many people prefer to use such public stores conveniently.

If you want to use the most convenient mobile service center in the Jogja area, which is one of the big cities, you can already find a place to carry out this repair. Vivo Service Center here always provides the best service within a period in accordance with your smartphone’s warranty.

To be able to go straight to the service point, just come to Jalan Mayjen Sutoyo No. 87A, Mantrijeron, Yogyakarta. At this location, you can immediately find outlets to file complaints or ask for tips on the use of gadgets with various types of Vivo brands.

If you are introuble when you are leaving , you can contact the outlet’s official contact directly, i.e. no. 0800 1567800. The agent’s customer service team will respond immediately to all customers who need assistance quickly, so that complaints are resolved quickly.

For Samsung, you can use the Jogja Service Center

Getting a place that provides services reaches its current location when the gadget is damaged, of course, makes things easier. In addition to saving time, you can also be quicker to repair your smartphone without difficulty with the mileage of the socket.

The official site in Jogja to repairSamsung’s gadge t model was also providedto be used by customers. At the Samsung Yogyakarta Service Center, customers can use the services that have been provided from the site easily and comfortably without any difficulties.

If you want tovisit samsung service point in Jogja, you can come directly to the address Jalan Kaliurang KM. 5 No. 16, Koncoran, Caturtunggal, Kec. Depok, Kab. Sleman, Yogyakarta. At that address, there are many employees who can help resolve complaints using our mobile help center.

For customers who just want to ask for light advice and don’t feel the need to come to the socket, they can ask questions with their phones. The use of this telephone system will be used very well by calling the contact with no. 0274 581815 as their official number.

It’s easier to find solutions to gadget problems by using public service locations, never make you feel difficult. Thus, the use of Samsung gadgets will feel good even if they can be used correctly without any problems.

Receive complaints or quick queries using the  best mobile Cinput

Currently, the use of the services of major gadget repair stations in all cities closest to users has become more efficient. Various types of complaints can be resolved when using the gadget quickly if you have used the place closest to the place where you live or work.

The ease with obtaining a public place to lodge a complaint or seek advice is also supported by various phone numbers provided to contact when a complaint is lodged. Thus, you don’t have to come to the store, you already get the best service from customer service on duty.

People are also more involved in repairs with an authorized agent who can provide the best service. One of them is to use a place to provide  the most reliable mobile service center used by  all customers of various brand gadgets.

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