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An important tool in the West Javanese Gamelan and Made Off

An important instrument in West Javanese and made of bamboo  will be discussed this time. Before the emergence of modern musical instruments in Indonesia, each region had its own traditional musical instruments. Each traditional musical instrument has its own peculiarity, how to play to a different history, so it’s very interesting.

West Java is one of the regions where there are many local musical instruments and are still preserved today. When we talk about traditional musical instruments from West Java, of course many of us think of angklang. It is undeniable that the Angklang is the most popular musical instrument.

But, did you know that many traditional West Javanese musical instruments are still preserved? All traditional musical instruments should be made of natural materials such as wood, bamboo and copper. Each use of materials certainly gives a different effect to the sound produced.

That’s why we are further reviewing the gamelan in West Java, made of bamboo, wood, and copper. Before going any further, it is a good idea to know in general what the history of its development in West Java is like and what Gemelan is.

Know Gamelan in West Java

An important instrument in West Javanese, which material may be a question for many. But, it would be good if we first know what west Java is known as gamelan degung. Degung is a traditional musical group consisting of many instruments.

Typically, gamelan contains the xylophone, the culander, the kendang, the rebab, the gong, the flute digung, the xylophone, the bonang, the panares, the lyr, the genglong, and the saron. Each of these musical instruments produces different sounds or sounds, so it will be a coherent melody as a feature of traditional music or songs.

Each gamelan has its own characteristics, for example, the Balinese gamelan more dynamic tempo, the Javanese gamelan slow tempo, and the West Javanese gamelan, similar to the Mendayu-Dua sound of the ribab and flute. Both of these are important tools in the West Javanese Gamelan and are made from natural materials .

Historically, the word degung came from the word Ratu-agung or Tumenggung, because at the time the officials really liked gamelan music, for example, bandung RAA. Regent of Viranatakusuma. Furthermore, like something great and dignified, there are still other theories that discuss the origin of the term degung.

History of Gamelan in West Java

 This article will discuss the history of the development of an important instrument in the West Javanese gamelan and its making from natural materials. In the late 18th or early 19th century, the Suntanese gamelan is thought to have already spread throughout Java by introducing 15 gamelan devices.

Of the 15 gamelan devices, West Java has 5 gamelan devices. Unfortunately, exact information is not available when Gamelan entered West Java, but it is recorded that Gamelan entered the soil of Sunda in the 16th century, according to the Hyang Sixa Kanda ng Karesian script.

The Suntanese Gamelan occurred during its development, such as the addition of singing to the game, which was once banned by the regent of Sianjur RT. He thought that it had become less serious because of Veeranatakusuma V and that the essence of silence had disappeared. However, it is that change that makes west Javanese gamelan the characteristics it has now.

Tanah Sunda has 3 types of gamelan, i.e. Gamelan Salendo or Pelog, Gamelan Rentang and Gamelan type Tilu have their own uses. Gamelan Selendro is often used in art, while gamelan renteng, also known as basic gamelan, and gamelan type tilu are commonly used as escort music.

Gamelan Made of Bamboo

The Kalung Gamelan device is an important tool in the West Javanese gamelan made of bamboo. Looking at this, we must understand that bamboo is the main material for making this traditional gamlan tool. Bamboos will then be adjusted to form an array of notes that will be played.

Selembung gamelan tools are also made of bamboo or the skin of bamboo. In order to produce sound, Selebung uses resonance in bamboo segments arranged in a row according to the resulting tone. How to play it by striking the selemung with one hand, while the other hand controls the processing of sound.

The Angklung multitunel instrument is also made of bamboo, which can produce double tones so that it can be rearranged for your needs. It’s also very easy how to play it, which means shake it until you make a sound according to the tone. The sound appears due to the impact of the bamboo and the pieces of internal bamboo, which causes resonance.

Not only  are there the three main tools in West  Javanese, but also those made of bamboo at the top, but there are many other tools such as flute, arumb, and carinding for men. Bamboo material is one of the natural materials that can produce a variety of sounds according to the technologies used.

Gamelan Made of Metal

The first was saron, an important instrument in Western Javanese and made of metal . This gamelan device, which enters the Balunkan family, uses a special bat made of wood. The way to play it is to hit the metal blade with the right hand, with the left hand holding the front bar.

The next device is the Demung, which has a shape almost similar to that of Saron. This Balunkan family has 2 different types, namely pelog and slendro that make harmonious sounds. Demung has blades, which are broad, but thinner than sarons. The Demang farmer is larger in size.

 You’ll also find an important tool in the West Javanese gamelan, which is made of metal known as bonang. This device consists of several small gongs placed on a rope in a wooden frame. Each small bell is capable of creating a different tone when hit with a bat.

In addition, the Western Javanese gamelan still has some tools made of metal, such as Kenong, Gong, Xylophone and Kemple. Most instruments made of metal are musical instruments that are played by hitting with a particular batting instrument.

Gamelan Made of Wood

An important instrument in the West Javanese gamelan was made of wood and the first one was the drum. This hand-struck gamelan tool has a function for adjusting the rhythm in the Gamelan music group. In Gamelan, a variety of kendangs are known, from the small kendang (ketipung) to the large kendang.

Another device is the rebab, which was often made of copper but now there are several rebabs made of wood with a shape that resembles a crossbow. The way to play it is to swipe the strings just as you play the violin when you are playing a modern instrument, i.e. by swiping the strings with a particular instrument.

In addition, there is another gamelan instrument called the sitter, which is a musical instrument that is played by choice. So far, this gamelan tool has rarely tended to be played, although the sound is no more interesting than other select devices. This is because this musical instrument has similarities with traditional Indian musical instruments.

West Java Gamelan still includes a number of key devices, but some of the aforementioned devices are the most popular devices. For those of you who are interested in Suntanese gemelan, it is  important  to know the main tools in the West Javanese gamelan and the main tools made of bamboo on top.

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