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A look at the actions of the West Java BKD and its responsibilities


You are certainly familiar with the BKD term of the state of West Java.  particularly recruiting civil servants in different regions The BKD or regional personnel agency is a very important governmental organization with a variety of major responsibilities and functions.

BKD is particularly well known to people if there is a recruitment of civil servants. because the BKD’s main task is to administer civil servants This is because it is to help the governor or the governor, so not only when searching or recruiting civil servants, but also when regulating and supervising government workers.

If you are interested in becoming a government employee, you have to know the BKD and what it has, and in this way you will gain a better understanding of what the responsibilities of this government or institution are.

Each city and county will have a BKD office that will handle all administrative matters of civil servants in the city. In addition to the responsibilities of an organization, the scope of employment is extensive, and all these responsibilities and responsibilities are provided by the Act.

There are various fields within the BKD organization that will work according to their responsibilities. For more details, here is a clarification of the BKD and its core functions and responsibilities.

Get to know the BKD local staff organization

BKD is a government agency or organization that regulates the implementation and training of government employees in an area.West Java BKD For government employees in the west Java area will be responsible for managing, regulating, monitoring, and providing facilities.

The BKD of a district or town will be responsible only for looking after civil servants in the city concerned and is not responsible for other cities. so he is. Its authority is limited only locally, but there are also those in positions of national authority, which means that there is a national staff agency.

This organisation manages the management of civil servants, both providing work or responsibilities, implementing training and service periods, and implementing periods of service This organization will be addressed when a government employee wants to look after a variety of files, such as mutations or glass/education updates.

The head of the West Java province of  BKD  is directly responsible for the regional leadership to carry out actions in accordance with the terms of the law.To fulfil its vision and responsibility, this governmental organization will put together an annual work program to improve organizational functioning for the better.

BKD’s function will be outlined in an annually updated work program in order to create efficient and efficient performance. In BKD, regeneration is undertaken to prepare reliable human resources in the future and demonstrate excellent performance.

Find out the mission with the perspective of BKD West Java

The focus is “the implementation of a good and prosperous apparatus,” which is well explained in its explanation. This vision is expected to form a skilled and reliable organization to help the work of local leaders.

  1. Quality in working in accordance with the support and expectations of all Indonesians.
  2. A sense of responsibility in every activity or work program implemented must be held accountable.
  3. Innovation means being able to show or introduce new things to enhance the efficiency of employment.
  4. Creation is to be able to reveal creativity in creating something, or to increase the benefits of something that already exists.
  5. Prosperity, which is to achieve a sense of comfort and security for civil servants both financially and spiritually.

This mission will change with the needs of the government and must be performed by every officer within this organization.

  1. Recognizing a modern staffing system in accordance with technological advances.
  2. Help employees improve their livelihoods and wellbeing on the basis of individual job performance.
  3. Improve the skill of an employee’s job with guidance and training.

Find out the responsibilities of the West Java BKD

As an organisation directly responsible to regional leaders, BKD’s primary responsibility is carrying out the management of local civil servants Therefore, all matters related to the management of employees should be performed in this organization.

  1. Overhauling local regulations in the field of local staff by focusing on laws and regulations so that rules can be made according to national standards.
  2. Organizing a local staff system.
  3. Implementation of administrative implementation by the genetic makeup of public servants, removal, and public servants.
  4. Make a draft and decide on technical policies for the development of local civil servants.
  5. Providing administrative services for state urban tools, such as changing the structure or operational status implemented in accordance with employment regulations.
  6. Prepare and establish the pension policy of the state instrument in accordance with applicable laws, standards and standards procedures.
  7. Determining salaries and benefits for the welfare of the state domestic device with reference to personnel laws and regulations.
  8. Managing the management of state domestic devices and the local staff information system.

Based on its actions and responsibilities, west Java state BKD relates to government employees located or serving in the West Java region The policies and regulations of all matters are fully maintained; they are also responsible for the appointment, promotion and management of employee pensions.

BKD improves the expertise of state urban equipment

The preparation of job arrangements is carefully controlled to help improve the performance of state tools. The employment program is coordinated with the work purpose of the local staff organization The organization’s vision and responsibility can be provided so that it is adapted to central-level rules.

BKD West Java is focused on improving work skills to form a reliable and responsible state apparatus.So  ulcer Gat can provide a reliable tool that can meet its responsibilities and responsibilities.

  1. Implementation of CPNS Recruitment: This program is implemented each year or at least 2 years because employees retire, die or need additional staff.
  2. The awards process is a form of enhancement from honors to CPNS for honorees with excellent performance for honorary service.
  3. Collecting IPDN Prager concessions through experiments in regional children and various other regions of Indonesia.
  4. Administrative services such as managing a TASPAN card, or registering those registered for married civil servants.
  5. Organize and operate for qualified civil servants for promotion.
  6. Training to improve the cost of civil servants.
  7. Implementing technical training and guidance to state equipment, holding training in areas or organizing employees involved in training at the BKD center.

As an organisation that assists regional leaders’ performance in controlling civil servants, BKD has a huge responsibility.Their actions Not only does it spell out key tasks based on, but West Java State BKD  must also perform the vision and mission as a staff organization.

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