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Gojek Call Center help customers avoid  fraud mode

The driver application  is the right  choice for you, the  young people.   The reason for this is that  there  is  now a  Gojek call center ready to answer  all questions  within 24 hours  .  Using services to complete daily activities is easier.  Like ordering food, shuttles to pay the bills.

The Gojek CS service can resolve your complaints either as a driver or as  a loyal customer.   With the help of a 24-hour phone, the  problem can now be  solved easily and quickly.   Team Customer Service always strives to provide the best service when needed, including  receiving advice or information.

Gojek is a digital company that prioritizes technology sophisticated to support people’s activities.  The office is located in Jakarta and was established in 2010.   Right now, it’s  still one of the  best and most popular platforms because it’s able to  keep up with the times.

The Gojek Call Center provides information to help  you use  Gopay’s  digital payment features, transportation, Send, and some other favorite products  .   Previously, this apk was a transportation service with vehicles responsible for delivering passengers to different areas or cities.

Gojek App at a glance

Gojek is an application useful for helping people find the nearest driver.   At the time, of course, when we wanted to  find a motorcycle taxi,  we had to  walk to  meet him.   But by this apk, it is enough to order it directly from the smartphone and let them find the pick-up location.

We don’t have to negotiate with drivers, because by application the price is  listed by location.   In addition to passengers, you can use  gocarcar facilities for passengers who want to use  car transport services, gofood to  order food,  or gosend if  you want to send the goods.

Gojek Call   Center bekeryes uses  how to inform, answer or offer solutions as long as users submit complaints and questions.   With the admidn CS,  anything you want can be answered if  you will.   Of course  , to use it, we need to contact the contact number that perceives the application.

The initiative of the Gojek application’s first appearance is Nadiem Makarin and his partner.   To date, the  number of employees working on the team in 2019 is 3000 people and  the data is  from  one of Wikipedia’s biggest websites.   The company became the most widely used platform  of the public.

To use the gojek call center support service, you can open  it from your mobile phone and then select the account menu. At this early stage as a new user, we need to create ID by registering first.   After that,  you can explore the features, the best menu including  customer service.

Gojek Service Center use method

The registration phase  of the Gojek account is done by selecting the registration menu.   Make sure the  application  is downloaded or  installed  through Google Play Help for users or  actors  if your phone is based on iOS.   Then open the apk and select “My Account”, located  in the lower-right corner.

The user must access the account or profile area.   Then it says “Help”  on the menu and you get different options  in question.   The location can be different positions on the phone, so  we need to update the application  to switch to  a newer version.

There is a draft topic  to look for the complaints you face.   There is a list of the most frequently searched questions that customers are looking for.   For example,  how to change profile data,  fingerprint function,  transfer money to Gopay or vice versa,  and difficulties related  to top up the balance.   Everything was at the Gojek Call Center.

In addition to the list of the most requested question topics,  you can also  make complaints about account security, various menus, application problems, how to make payments, send invoices even to attractive promo facilities.   If all complaints are still not resolved, please contact the Gojek Indonesia Call Center Service.

The service is free and all users can use this call.  Customer service administrators are ready to serve  customer calls from  different regions for 24 hours.  Call centers become more effective when  you can  contact CS directly, as it is easier to get help.

In addition to using  the  Gojek Call Center feature,  customers can  use  their official social media accounts from professional social media accounts from  professionals such as FB, Twitter and Ig.  Different types of GoRide, GoLife and  Gopay-e-wallet payments can be used  very quickly without fear of  being blocked.

Gojek protects users from fraud

The advantage you get by using  Gojek’s call center  is that you don’t have to visit the  nearest headquarters or branch.   The complaint process can be conducted directly  under the number +6221-5084-9000.   Also,  beware of fraudulent acts on behalf of the company.

In addition to the  numbers  we submitted, this means you need to  know the modus operandi.   This type of fraudulent activity  is aimed at more than drivers or application users, and quite  some of them have become victims.   Also discover  suspicious codes such as 62, 61, 21 and so on.

Gojek Call Center will never contact customers in the name that  they are holding  a lottery with the prize  of millions or even  hundreds of rupees through the gkat or fair news.   The way to discover this so you avoid fraud is to  report directly to an agent.

Gojek Fraund is a new feature that  allows customers  to continue to receive full security and priority. The company ensures that even if your account is protected with an  application  while translating the transaction process.   Because most scams often target smartphone users.

And you need to  remember again that  when you access the Gojek application, if you order it, you will never provide an OTP code  or  one-time password to third parties,  including  customers or drivers.   Both must maintain  the confidentiality of each other’s accounts/e-wallet for security reasons.

Gojek Call Center Helps Users Discover Fraud

Many cases   use the company’s name  to attract the attention of  potential buyers who are blackmailed   by tricking them into  providing OTP codes.   Of course, as one  of the  official applications, Gojek as a customer partner never  commits  fraud, especially the question of an email address, password or phone call  by an unknown number.

To ensure security,  you can check it with bintang, hastag and a specific number. The call forwarding code is used to redirect when the call arrives and even if  we  don’t know if  the call will come.  Make sure  the  Gojek Call Center always maintains or  calls  if necessary.

In addition to forcing you to provide  an OTP code,  another scam mode can be done by asking you to  send money from GoPay.   Scammers try  to move us to transfer  money to an unknown bank address.  Gojek always emphasizes the  importance of maintaining security, especially of account holders.

Securing accounts, especially  those containing personal contacts, should  remain confidential.   Good for partners or application customers Gojek Indonesia.   All forms of crime still happen often and in the name of certain parties. This is very  devastating  to many parties.

In fact,  we  can  avoid all kinds of access to theft or fraud as long as we want to read about the information already available on the application.   Moreover, how  do you keep confidential to avoid fake mode?   Gojek Call Center is a  full-service ready to provide  information and answer questions about your complaints.

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