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Manfaat Call Center ACC, not just forcomplaints

The benefits  of the  ACC Call Centre  will be obtained by its users.  Problems of cooperation  with  lending or leasing institutions often occur and if they are not  resolved immediately, there will be misunderstandings. Well, this misunderstanding may finally become another problem for you.

Of course, you do not want the  problems  faced  when granting heavy equipment financing loans with VAC not to be solved immediately?    To overcome various types of  problems or obstacles, there are different ways to use . One of them is to contact part of the VAC call centre.

There are many  benefits of the ACC call centre  that you will get and the most notable is to  help  overcome  problems during the  financing  process.   There are several issues that are  often encountered by   users of  VAC  services, such as applying for credit relief  to  extend the term of the loan in order to ease payments.

To contact the call center, this can be  done easily.   The reason for this is that VAC provides its own number where it  can be contacted by its clients or users.   You can immediately file a complaint on  the corresponding number and submit the complaint or  complaint correctly and in detail.

This way, the rental part can provide the  best solution for you.   Don’t forget to provide some important documents needed.   Before you know how to contact and what are the  benefits of the ACC call center, you also need to know how the history of the company unfolds at a glance, go ahead and see the explanation below.

A Brief History of  ACC

As mentioned earlier, you will indeed get many benefits from the ACC  call centerACC or Astra Credit Companies is a  car and heavy equipment financing institution. The  finance company  already  has  a good reputation with the wider community and has more than 9,000 dealer partners.

Based on the regulations of the OJK (Financial  Services Authority  ) No. 29 / POJK.05 / 2014,  the company meets business needs in the areas of  investment  financing  ,  multi-purpose leases and operating leases, working capital    using conventional and Sharia-based schemes.   Both  have their own advantages.

The precursor of the ACC  came from PT Astra Sedaya Finance which was established on  July  15, 1982 under the name PT Raharja Sedaya. The establishment is useful to support the automotive activity of  the  Astra Group.   It was not until 1990 that PT Rajardja Sedaya changed its name to  PT astra Sedaya Finance.

The advantages of the ACC call  center provided by this company include the purchase of new and used cars, especially for vehicles produced by Astra such as Toyota Isuzu, Daihatsu, Peugeot to BMW.   In accordance with its establishment, the company operates to support  the  financing process of  more than   1600 car dealerships in Indonesia.

Some of the companies that  work as VAC associations include Astra Sedaya Finance, PT Swadharma Bhakti Sedaya Finance, PT astra Auto Finance, PT Staco Estika Sedaya Finance and PT Pratama Sedaya Finance.   Until now,  this company continues to develop a variety of  services and facilities offered.   In addition,  it also  continues to maintain the reputation they have.

Complete information about the ACC y ang call centre

The availability of    VAC’s call centre  services is indeed a way for customers and businesses to obtain information more easily and conveniently.   In addition, there are many   benefits of the ACC  call centre  that will be obtained by users.   Especially to overcome various types of problems and  complaints during cooperation.

For those of you who wish to contact part of the company’s call center, you can  call directly the number  021-766-9000  for  customers in the Jakarta area.   In the meantime, if you are outside Jakarta, you can call 1500-599 directly.   This number can be contacted using all telecommunications operators.

In the meantime, for customers who wish to connect directly with the head office, they can call directly the  number (021) 7885-9000. Where the acc headquarters  isoccupied on Jl.TB Simatupang No.90.   By submitting these complaints and suggestions, this must be done clearly and in detail so that the company can  better understand them.

Customers can wait about 20 days for a response or response.  The time period  is calculated from the complete documents received. If it turns out that the complaint  submission  process  does not get a   response, the only way to proceed  can be taken by contacting the OJK via the 1500655 number.  This is the best way to forward complaints.

Benefits  of ACC Call Centres

You already don’t know how to file a complaint through ACC. Well, it turns out that there are  many benefits of the ACC call center  that need to be known.   For more details, see the notice below

  1. File complaints promptly

As mentioned earlier,  the existence of the call center is indeed the most appropriate place to file complaints such as  problems during the credit process.   With the fast reporting way  , this will allow your problems to be resolved quickly.   You can directly use any of the above numbers.

  1. Get information about owned products

Another advantage of the ACC call center  is that  you can obtain information about the products owned by   the relevant company. Astra Credit Companies itself has several products such as  heavy lat car financing  .

  1. As a way to give advice

The existence of a call center  can also be the  best place to advise the company.   It is undeniable that if  the  services of  a  leasing   company are sometimes not satisfactory, you can immediately give them advice so that they can work more optimally.  .

  1. To communicate with the company

The advantage of the ACC call center of the existence of the call center is to connect customers with this ACC company.   Not only that, their existence is also very important as  they  can handle various types of customer issues.

Benefits of Buying a Vehicle with ACC

There are   various benefits that are possessed from purchasing a vehicle with ACC are as follows:

  1. Have the best service to your customers

The use of this  VAC leasing institution  will also offer a myriad of benefits to its users.   Like the existence of the best service that has used the concept of operational excellence to maintain customer satisfaction.

  1. Has a  wide range of comprehensive  product features

Astra Credit Companies also  has  a variety of product features  that are quite comprehensive.   In addition, he has collaborated with several car dealers in Indonesia.   The requirements to apply for credit can also be done very easily.

  1. Affordable customer access

Finally, you will also receive a service in the form of client access that has a  very easy   scope.  There are many options to stay connected, for example via call centers or social media.

Cooperation  with  financial institutions is not spared from various types of problems.   To overcome this,   customer service may be the best solution.   The  ACC  Call Centre has many advantages  .

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