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Contact the  JNTExpress  Contact  Center in my easy way

The JNTExpress Communications Center  offers 24-hour services to reach its customers. This is donated to keep its trust as the community’s main source of service in solving the distribution of goods from one hand to another. Through full compliance, the call will be contacted at any time.

You are welcome to contact the available voice to consult or ask directly about package information. Not limited to the specific situation, questions surrounding irregularities can be discussed directly in accordance with their agents. Some obstacles are actually only successfully dominated by the relevant person.

There are many options that can be used as a step in getting counseling work. being at the forefront of the package’s trip is supported with great loyalty through its service All your interests will be fully assisted in meeting growth locations through  the JNTExpress Communications Center.

Never hesitate to comment or just consult, as this will help customers provide better services. The delivery service works more with Pliny to overcome all interests to maintain a good name You can choose the advice service type as you want.

JNT Express Contact Center Number

Every trading entity always has a registered connection to connect. The address can be contacted by mobile phone or landline line 24 hours without limits. You will have the opportunity to contact the main office directly with number (021) 8066 1888.

Your phone is directly connected to the main office that has been registered for a long time before returning to the relevant authorities. This will help you find out where the problem needs to be solved, as well as anyone involved  in the solution.

Before contacting the  JNTExpress Contact Center  , prepare the required files so that they don’t have problems while searching for solutions. The most important thing to avoid behind is the receipt note. This number will be the main criterion as a follow-up item to see if the package really has problems.

By receiving numbers, it is also known where a package stands, with data related to the recipient anywhere. Know what items will be sent. Error information about loading items only slows down the process of finding and finding solutions.

Provide an ID to the  JNTExpress Communications Center   that matches the delivery record while it can be calculated. Error information is the same detailed information associated with loading equipment. This is certainly capable of solving the problem a little more.

Make the most of the time when consulting by phone number. What is the delivery service during the package delivery process, you will save your problem. Provide valid data so that fraud is not considered and the treatment process is used more appropriately.

A shared conversation on the phone is much easier to accept. You can understand what’s directed at the time of the connection. However, the process of finding solutions is much easier to meet effectively through bilateral communication.

Official email address for contact

If you don’t have enough time to contact the phone directly, one way you can try to contact the official email of the main loading service office. The email the customer had to call is the only one that jntcallcenter@jet.co.id. Complaints are easier to follow through writing because they are not missing.

This delivery also has the ability to import positive values to evaluate delivery service performance. Through the complaintarchive stored on the device, it can be used as a benchmark for quality in the future. where every service always competes to offer the best service to its customers

A suitable consideration for the content of sending e-mails from the  JNTExpress Contact Center. Make sure that the features available in the app’s body to make it easier to receive sends. Give special importance to the email address containing complaints and personal names. Registration of emergency signs is also permitted.

An emergency sign can be written here by requesting the word to respond. The purpose of giving this specific word is to make your complaint an important priority so that it can be resolved immediately. Where the package continues to run and last permission to send at the same time complaints are linked to a special date.

Tell us about any problems experienced in the e-mail body without having to be reduced slightly. This helps solve problems faster as well as the solution that is a priority. Don’t forget to include your full ID, such as receipt number, recipient name, contact information, and address.

Use text that is easy to view so that the solution doesn’t slow down any more. You have also been given access to include evidence if necessary. Add a picture with the Support heading as the selected information that the complaint is counted with supported data to.


In addition to the private address  of the JNTExpress Contact Center, complaints and suggestions can also be made directly through social networks. Contact social networks for transportation services that are still active. This information is certainly very easy to search at this time. The effect is much higher.

Social networks play a major role as the main community link to an institution, and vice versa, often in the face of upgrades, the active time of social network managers is much higher than others. You can use this as a master weapon looking for mistakes.

Being present as a brand certainly makes social networks the main way to create a good name. This will ensure that the information you need can be accessed as soon as possible. Connection accounts that have been converted to the account ensure high trust in customers.

No institution is ever ready to receive people’s sympathy in different groups. Some accounts are presented as shortcuts that make contacts. You can connect to line, wichat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts through a special program.

Channel advice and advice anywhere is okay. This will help you find a wider network of interest dealings. This can be the information that is needed as they also have. Of course, help will be available from anyone, not just the delivery service manager.

Clearly identify the package’s problems

Correctly understand what needs to be sued directly to the  JNTExpress Communications Center. Don’t let you provide less information, because this is just wasting time. Delivering interests that really need to be resolved or advice related to transportation services. This is definitely very necessary.

Special interests that can be consulted directly, such astraveling on any  package, are not suitable for the flow that should be or harm goods. This is certainly necessary when delivering. Who should be responsible for this incident so as not to harm customers

Recognize this problem by constantly checking the number of bills. It can be seen here wherever the package stands. Is there any activity that should be suspected or not? Usually goods are always quick to travel. It should be asked if there is a long transiment within a specified period of time.

A connection to the delivery service has become necessary if you have problems with something, either before or after they received it. Adding loads is actually a complete responsibility that needs to be ensured. Contact the  JNTExpress Contact Center  directly when there is a problem.

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