Mega bank’s credit card options for three million salaries: Jerawat

Benefits of behaving using credit cards, banks and their types

Mega Bank, a  private bank in Indonesia, has also offered credit card equipment that aims to give customers a shopping advantage.

Credit cards seem to be a way of life for most Indonesians, given that there are many benefits that could be experienced.You no longer have to wait for the bra Play monthly monthly any more when you are tempted to shop for essentials.That’s why many people prefer to use a credit card for daily payment transactions.

For those who want to switch Mega Bank’s use of credit cards, of course you need to understand the rules of doing it and the regime Simply, having a credit card like this is like getting a loan, then a user can pay each month.

Every bank has different rules regarding credit card applications, including banking mecca.So in this review we will provide information about bond services Credit cards (CC) from Bank Mega.  For those who want to try to  modify using a bank mega credit card, check out the discussion  here  for the first time.

Benefits of performing surgery using Mega Bank’s credit card

This method of making the loan move gives its users a range of benefits.One of them, Bank Mega, offers special advertising and discounting to A Customers who frequently use credit cards when shopping at a partner merchant. For those who like to shop at the mall, it is guaranteed to enjoy the benefits.

Not only that, Mega Bank also offers tools in the form of CC phones that offer convenience to customers when they want to check See transactions and bills. Below are some of the benefits that can be made if you use the bank’s credit card:

  1. Mega Bill

Make it easier to pay every day such as monthly Internet/WiFi payments, electricity, water, TV cablE, BPJS and payments  each month. Monthly payments are automatically paid through a credit card, so there is no delay you With this benefit, it is more than the time to be right Spend and practice, you will also receive points from the  mega voucher.

  1. Mega bonus point

Transact using Mega Bank credit cards you will then be eligible for a mega reward point. With this credit card you will get 1 point Check for every purchase worth 25 thousand IDR valid for multiple. So successfully collected points can then be used for purchases in metro,  carrefour, coffee bean, robbins and elsewhere.

  1. Mega Top Up

Customers can also enjoy the benefits of mega-super facilities reaching prepaid credit through car debt., however, for two who want to enjoy the feature You can first register via 15 000 10 call centers (PSTN) or 600 10 (HP). Fyi you will still receive reward points if you transact This special.

Mega bank’s credit card options for three million salaries

If you are interested in exchanging money using a Mega bank’s credit card, then find out what products are the most suitable and appropriate Here, for example, there are CC Bank Megas types suitable for at least three million paid customers:

  1. Gambling card

The requirement for applying for mega gold cards must be at least 21 years old and has a minimum income of three million in A month. Mega Gold Card is ideal for those who want to use a credit card for the first time, with limits of up to Rs 2 million.

  1. Platinum cards

There is also a category of CC Mega Platinum Card with a limit of up to RP 10 million, but the criteria is that you have to have an income At least 5 million a month, it is recommended who likes shopping and travel.

  1. Travel cards

As the name suggests, this credit card is perfect for those who like to travel on board as you can enjoy an A As many as 800 free buildings, airports in Indonesia and abroad.

  1. Mart

Want to shop for Transmarte or Carrefour? Having this one is absolutely essential because you get a 10% discount and enjoy a lot of interesting promulgation from two supermarkets.

  1. Silver Card

In addition to mega global cards, you can also opt for this type of credit card with a rather leaner offer For example, travel and travel packages, flight tickets, hotels, and many more.

Choosing an approximate credit card type

Transacting using a bank mega credit card is not just for style but also to ensure you actually use it for your needs. Furthermore, as this payment system goes into debt, you also need to choose a credit card type that matches the ability to pay in later amounts.

You will get a mortgage up to a certain limit, such as the chosen type of CC.That’s every month you are obliged to pay in a bonus like a dump Left with mandatory donations annually. often new users pay little attention to such things and as long as they use CC.

Additionally, choose the type of credit card that suits your credentials and needs. For example, for those who want to use It’s for regular shopping every month, you can choose a Gold Mega Card or silver Mega Card card with multi-limitations.

Tips for safely switching bank credit card  use

There is no 100 per cent guarantee that it will be safe to switch using a credit card as security also relies on consumer P For this reason, pay attention to the following keys to maintaining safety while using Mega credit cards:

  1. Online shopping on trusted websites

Don’t shop online randomly, especially if you ask for personal data related to a credit card. No need to say if the website This was found to lack a high level of encryption / security, your credit card data may have been stolen by individuals.

  1. Don’t surgery use public WiFi

For security reasons, skip free Wi-Fi, avoid switching credit cards using WiFi Public. This kind of activity is extremely dangerous and can be abused by hackers.

  1. Card numbers are not stored on mobile phones

Additionally, you should not leave important information related to credit card data on your phone. Guess if the phone is missing? It doesn’t then rule out the possibility that others who want to give you favours might use it wrongly.

  1. Be wary of fake emails

It’s not uncommon for CC users to get an email asking them to provide credit card information.It’s best to be more careful, differentiated between e-mails Anyone correct and non-email. CC numbers are passwords, especially because passwords should not inform both other parties, including Mega Bank.

Is it organised to use or set up a credit card? In fact, more and more people are currently interested in using credit cards because of the ease of payment. No matter why, make sure you choose The right type of credit card so that in the future you  can modify using The Mega Bank’s credit card with ease, security and no stick.

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