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What is the total population density of West Java Province?

What is the total population density  of West Java Province year after year  ? According to valid statistics, the population of West Java is still the largest in Indonesia. According to the latest census 2020, this represents a significant increase of 6 million inhabitants. From 43.05 million inhabitants to 49.94 million residents, the development has been even more accurate.

West Javais one of the provinces that existed during the Dutch colonial period. The province was established with the central government since 1950. It has been established for a long time and has become a city full of extraordinary events. One of them was the sea of fire that caused a stir in the island and even the world of that time.

It has an  area of up to 35,000 kilometers. It is clear that the region is capable of keeping a lot of people. Under the leadership of Ridwan Kamil, it is believed that Bandung will be more prosperous. Therefore the development of the society will be balanced with equal distribution of welfare. The creation of many new policies that benefit people is the right answer.

Therefore,  what is the total population density of West Java Province. It is not going to end too much as it is at the centre of the government. DKI Jakarta is one of the areas with the highest density of people. This happens because the population is growing with its narrow area.

Distribution of community density in West Java Province

About 36 thousand square kilometers  along lua  . Data from the province in the West Java region leaves a population of 46 million people. It is spread over 26 districts and cities, 635 sub-districts and 5899 sub-districts. In contrast, the most densely populated people are located in the Bogor and Banjar regions.


What is the distribution of the people of West Java in the city of Bogor? About 4.9 million inhabitants. During this time, only 192,903 people live in Banjar city. This is only 0.25 per cent. So what about other cities? Such as usedi, Dapoke, Sukabumi, Bandung, and more?


For the density of society, the average is about 10 lakh inhabitants. Only Banjar, Sirebon, Sukabumi, and Simahi number in the millions. Given this difference, of course, the distribution of density is not evenly distributed. What is unique is if almost the entire area of the baris more men. A recent anomaly in Indonesia.

Usually the number of women and men is more in women. We look at the Central and East Java regions. Both of these should be more girls to be seen from many places. Indonesia also has more women than men. Then what are the factors that can cause this to happen?


No one knows so far. Why could there be  more men about what the population density of West Java province is  . Everything happens in a natura l which has no arrangement. So it can be seen why so many cases of gay parties in the region are actually affected by this one inequality.


For those whodon’t know, Bogor is actually a hub city for gays. The disease of gay people. Often parties in hotels and also rented houses. It is a disease that must be eradicated so that it does not spread more widely among indonesians.


People’s Jobs in West Java

What  is the population density of West Java Province for?  A lot of youngsters have already got jobs and they don’t. Working out to be able to live an ahaan life is an important thing. Especially in the big cities of West Java that demand to be independent. A large number of nambardars are also one of the reasons for this.

for the average percentage of the entire population at the end of 2020. About 11 per cent of the total population. A number that isn’t stupid around causes a lot of people to be less prosperous. Linked with the duration of the pandemic for a long time. Get too many big factories out of business or streamline expenses.

One of them is the dismissal of many potential workers. So unemployment is very high everywhere. 14%, Sukabumi 9&, Sianju 11%, Bandang 8.5%, Grut 8.9%, Tsikmalya 7%, Siamis 5.6%, Kuningen 11%, Mazalengka 5%, Sumedang 8.8%, Inderyu 9.2%, etc.

If totaled it will be 10%. So it’s a huge expansion. This has been compounded with the age of new employees who have just graduated from school. If  there is still a period of pandemic, it is possible that it will continue to grow. The large number of businesses that streamlined his work became one of the main reasons.

No wonder that from a large number of unemployed, many nambardars move out of the region. Solo became the main destination for many of West Java’s dynasties. The city known as the most comfortable city is actually like that. The cost of living with a convenient location is cheap. Who does not feel at home by staying there.

Then what is the population density of west Java province after a large number of foreign procedures in the population? Just wait for the next population census. All will be clearly seen about the large number of this population movement. According to the facts, many residents also shifted their places of residence to make it more comfortable.

Population Welfare Policy of West Java Province

For policies implemented to improve the welfare of West Java, of course, is the adoption of small banding. Able to enable many MSMEs to grow more quickly in the Asian market competition. It is clear that these developments will be implemented to remove many unemployed. The startup system will also be speeded up so that many creative companies are full of ideas.

So it’s not just to be able to absorb a lot of hard work. The policy also encourages the existence of critical thinkers. The hope is that there  will be no further questions about the total population density of West Java province. With the MSME system, big companies such as Gojek, Grab etc. will come up.

It’s just to achieve the goal. Schools should pay more attention to this in order to raise the seeds of intelligent thinkers. If indeed the school is still not active. Provide support programs to at least talented students. By providing scholarships or training, one is expected to be more able to develop faster.

Therefore the budget of regional expenditure is always considered.  Paying attention to the population density of West Java Province. It is expected that each of these policies will be able to promote the programme next year. This SemacaM program  is really something useless today. However, after a few years it can certainly be more useful.

Prediction of increase in population density

Continue to predict the increase in population density.  What is the total population density of West Java Province in the following  years? According to current data and facts. With its increase,DRASTswill increase. Too many vacations and WFH cause many people a deep family tension.

So according to the facts there will be development up to millions of new residents in a few years. It’s not just from birth and death. It will probably affect the population movement. All this is a natural and definite fact. So according to the science of prediction, of course, development must be rapid.

Nevertheless, the province will still be prepared to deal with all this. Thinking about how to have welfare so that the population has jobs. It is certainly always thought ofby Ried Dwan Kamil and his successors. Other big cities will also continue to coordinate in one to build a strong region of Indonesia.

How can you not be curious about how much the population expands in West Java? In fact, it is still quite unmodified but it may develop rapidly in the future. But thanks to RidwanKami’s soluble policy policy| will west Java province’s population density still be safe for its inhabitants.

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