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Lejand west Javanese Whipped Noodle Recipe

Residents of Bandung andits surroundings must bevery popular with this legendary West Javanese reverse dark recipe. West Java, especially Bandung is all good for a variety of very diverse and delicious flavors. Mie rinse is one of  delicious gastwondos that is not only popular in Bandung, but also in various other regions including  Jakarta.

Noodles whip  are a typical West Javanese including in black, beans and weeping   then gently with a thick soup.  As a  gastwond complement,  this is also commonly served with squid, baso, green mustard, pumped and also fried  onions.  This  culinary is more suitable for winter or rain food  because it can heat the stomach.

Although it is a typical West Javanese gastroenterology, the seller  of whip can  now  be found in various other regions. A serving of this dish  is usually sold with prices from Rpg 10.000 to Rpg. 15.000 only.

But  if you want to make your own at home,  this West Javanese substitute nut recipe is actually not complicated. The following  are  the ingredients  and steps you can take if you want tomake your  own nest whip house:

Ingredients and Seasons toMake Whipped Noodles

To make this typical West Javanese gastwonof, first prepare  the ingredients  with the first season. There are  several ingredients  and your main ingredients make the recipe whip to basic delicious and simple.   For more details, see  the following  reviews:

Bahan-ingredients that need to be prepared:

  1. Flat ze nwa 500 gram
  2. Raw  weight 100 grams
  3. Cow feet (wholly)
  4. Poyèt ak seleri
  5. Moderate water

Resep miand typical beat in West Java for seasonal soups:

  1. Bay Leaf 4 Pieces
  2. Lemon 3 Vintage
  3. Ginger Finger Segment
  4. Garlic 5 Close up
  5. Shallot 5 Piece
  6. Soon

You can also add complementary ingredients such as  cracked shrimp and  onion sauce if necessary.  To add nampol, you can also prepare  fried onions as a soup when served. Don’t forget to also prepare whitewash to add a  fresh flavor to this West Javanese reversed dark recipe .

Step and How to Make Whipped Noodles

How to make  this  dish is actually not complicated.  The delicious   key  to this typical bandung lies in the soups and ingredients  to be fresh.  To make a delicious and simple recipe for dishes, you can follow the methods and steps as follows:

  1. Prepare the cow

Clean the cow’s legs with running water until all the dirt dust and flu are gone. Next cook the legs of the pressure cook for about an hour to tender  and cook.   When your beef  is  not needed to add any spice because they will be cooked again later.   Once cooked, remove and pour.

  1. Prepared Soups Made With Nuts

To make  this West Javanese has replaced black recipe soups, bringing water to  a boil approximately 1.5 liths.   Next, put the  lime stems, bay leaves and ginger that have been squeezed  into  the water’s decoy  . Don’t forget to  also include the  beef legs that were pressed  in advance to pure tender and cooked.

While waiting for the soup  to boil, also prepare fine spices  for the soups. Pure  the onion and garlic  then sauté until fragrance.   Next, put  the  baked seasoning to the grill stage  with beef legs.  Cook until  your beef and legbeef are fully cooked then add salt, sugar, pepper and flavor.

As a  complementary ingredient, also prepare egg nuts and jerm beans when  boiled in   boiled water until they are picked up.  Next, prepare a serving bowl  and place all  the  complementary ingredients that are cooked and watered with hot grills.  Sprink and fried onions  and add a squeeze of whitewash to make it more delicious and fixed.

The history of West Javanese whipped nut recipes that have a legendary flavor

People familiar with  his surroundings must be familiar with the  culinary whip.   Kuliner is a        delicious combination of nests, cruts and grilled soups that can indeed make the tongue  not stop enjoying it.    Gastrointestinal this is like,  the taste of which doesn’t need to be doubted?

Noodles are one of the  gastrointestinal pleasures that they believe  has existed  since 1958. The name  of the nuts  whip itself  is taken  from the way it serves, namely shaking the nuts  and beans in a  metal container with holes and  then dipped  they are in cooking  bean water.  This way  of serving is   what ultimately made  typical West Javanese named Black.

This West Javanese recipe whip nut recipe has always changed  from past  to long in  the present.   This culinary kitchen is a yellow dish  equipped with  various other ingredients such as jerm, chop, baso, wrist, celery, fried onions   then fried onions   then gently andkua h savory and beef  pit. It will be even more stable if added   with shot  sauce and lemon juice. It guarantees that the  flavor will shake your tongue.

The iniquity of  this typical West Javanese culinary kept by  the seller from the past is  the form of a container for boiled  and jerm.   From the   past until  now vendors have been beaten  using  a deep metal container similar to a small bucket with a  long sleeve for the handle  prevents it from coming out hot.

Lejandè Mie Kocok Spot nan Bandung

Mie Shake can now  actually be enjoyed from  anywhere because there  were a lot of  these culinary salesmen who had migrated to various regions of the archipelago like  Jakarta. However, if you want to enjoy a truly authentic West Javanese has replaced dark recipes, the  city of Bandung is a paradise. In  the city of flowers there are  several  legendary gastrointestinal spots  that you have to try.

One of the  most popular places to eat this hot gastrointestinal gastrointestinal in  Bandung is Persib’s toppled nuts.   This west javanez store  is located in  the parking area of  Persib Studios precisely on Jalan Ahmad Yani No. 262, Bandung City. A serving of whip  nests  here sold at a price of Rpg. 23.000 only with the  addition of delicious meat  and rib ribs.

Another of the  best  spots  to enjoy the recipe for the typical whip out of West Java is at  the Mang Dadeng store.    This store is located on Jalan Banteng KH Ahmad Dahlan’s No.   67. Mie Kocok Bandung Mang Dadeng is  very popular because it has a different spice  including  26 and is a family legacy  season  for generations.

The charm and  attractiveness of  the city of Bandung not only lies  in  the beauty of  the city.  However, gastroenterology in  the flower town is also famous  for being  delicious  even going into the archipelago.  One of them is  the black whip that has a legendary soap  flavor.  This West Javanese recipe whip nut recipe is also not too complicated so you can try yourself  at home if you haven’t  had time to go to Bandung directly.

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