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5 Ways to Check NPW The Latest Fast Way 2021


How to check the quick approach is done by the government so that its users are more accessible. Of course, the latest upgrades are made to this service, where convenience takes precedence. Therefore, all kinds of services are put online so that everyone can access them.


NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) itself must be known, is a mandatory license for a businessman or a company to have it. This is in the form of a business number, which is useful for entrepreneurs to be clean on tax matters. All types of companies or entities can later be managed by legal entities.


Benefits of having your own NPWP for personal and business needs


There are many advantages in having your own NPWP, for example, it can be used as an administrative requirement in a bank. It is very common as different agencies or companies in the banking sector in the form of identification such as tax figures. Moreover, this refers to the application for a loan of money to the bank.


Of course, borrowing money is done faster if you can meet the various requirements from the bank. Moreover, banks are generally detailed in choosing anyone eligible for the loan. You simply select individuals or companies with financial strength and complete in the form of the most complete documents.


In addition to banking, it turns out that we can also use identity tax numbers such as creating passports. The passport itself must be completed if you wish to move abroad. In general, creating a passport is long enough, so all necessary documents must be ready to not cause any obstacles.


We already know that the production of passports cannot be done lightly and requires complete requirements to be met. Later, after you have your own NPWP to review the NPWP, the quick approach will ease all tax matters, especially dealing with the company or business unit.


In the business practices of private or corporate property, there should be no mistake in taking care of it. Especially in the area of tax, payment errors should not be paid, because although they are still late but it is too late, there are still penalties. Therefore, mistakes in a company’s management can be prevented from the beginning.


Good tax management certainly proves that a company or business is very professional. In addition, this can be used as one of the good impressions when addressing partner. It may be that long-term investment is due to the benefits for the future for business to move forward.


To quickly verify NPWP from DGT application and website


Of course, all government services can now be provided online, even on tax matters. Here you can use an application called DJP, which is developed and updated in terms of appearance and features. So, all services for residents can be carried out online, so it’s easier.


To quickly check the npwp through the DGT application, you need to download it first. If you already have an application, just log in and you need to use an account when registering and caring for the first time. Then please enter the dashboard view, if it has not been displayed, refresh it first.


When all the ads are successfully displayed, just enter the ek dashboard there. Next, the NPWP number is immediately shown along with the identity of the owner. Please note that such an add can be displayed if the tax card is active, if you have not done so, you must first activate it through the tax office.


Meanwhile, if you check the npwp on  how to quickly use a website, it really doesn’t differ because the system is both online. Please note that you need to go directly to the address of the website, where there will be additional tax services in full, so you can take care of all interests.


Later, after successfully entering the link to the website address, find the fields that need to be filled. In the column, you must enter the number with the owner’s name shown. If it has not been displayed, an error may occur or even inactivity. So first make sure the NPWP is active.


Contacting the official Kring number and e-mail address of the tax authority


In fact, there are many other alternatives if you want to see a personal or business tax number, one of which is to contact the tax office. Actually, it is still a service in the form of DGT from the Directorate-General for Taxation. Intended to improve tax services, whether private or business.


This tutorial on how to quickly evaluate the NPWP  through Tax Kring itself has an advantage in terms of super gentle service. Then you get a quick response, so you don’t have to wait long when looking for data. However, please note that contacting the tax collector will cost quite as much as you are using a phone.


It is wiser to prepare a sufficient amount of credit, depending on how long it takes for them to communicate. If you are interested in this method, you can contact the tax collector directly at 1500200 as soon as possible. For his working hours, it was not 24 hours, but from 20 to 16 clocks.


In addition to going through roads such as applications or phones, there is another alternative, which is how to quickly check the npwp by email. Of course, this should be sent to the Directorate-General’s official e-mail for Taxes,, where you  will eventually have to send a subject along with the documents you want to review in detail.


The advantage of using email is that it is more organized and feels more professional. However, it should be noted that the response may be longer, as the administrator of the Directorate-General for Taxes will have to safeguard many email submissions from Indonesian citizens, so you need to be patient if the response is sufficient.


Alternatives to quickly check NPWP by fax


For the final recommendation, you can use a fax machine to send documents quickly. Although it is currently rarely used, but to verify the tax number, it can still be done. As a rule, we first need to find a fax machine so we can send tax administration documents.


Maybe it’s hard for us to find when we’re not close to the company or the business area. Therefore, because it is a way to quickly check the NPWP, you can use the Android Fax Application service. This type of application is easily found through Google Play or the App Store, so it can be downloaded immediately.


One of the recommended applications is PC-FAX.COM, which can be found in various online software providers. After successful download, wait for the ongoing installation process to be completed. After just logging in and registering to number, it doesn’t take long, because in 5 minutes you can send a fax.


Please enter the “Send” function in the delivery process and then fill in some fields about the destination and the content of the fax to be sent. To send the verification document you may write this tax number 021-5251245. Just write notes if necessary, while continuing to do the analysis.


The various methods mentioned above are the easiest to do online. So please open your mobile phone or laptop and connect to the Internet and then quickly access the tax identification number service. Meanwhile, there needs to be an alternative way to quickly check the npwp, which is to visit the nearest tax location.

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