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Axa Mandiri Call Center 24 hours free

As a financial services company, AXA Mandiri’s free call center is a specialized 24-hour service. Since insurance services are already known to be very important financial services. Moreover, insurance, as a form of prevention, is a service if bad things happen in the future.

One insurance provider is AXA Mandiri, a joint venture that has long operated in Indonesia. The company deals with the financial sector as an insurance policy provider and the like. There are thousands of branches and financial advisors that are widespread in different cities.

All customers and potential customers take into account the services provided in the form of telephone centers. Of course, this service can be used for various purposes as information about changing the details of the policy and the like. In the meantime, potential customers can use it to find out about the terms and conditions before entering.

That is why the 24-hour free call center service of AXA Mandiri is very important  . Customers who experience problems at certain times can get information from call center calls. That’s why it’s very important for customers and potential customers to know the full range of information about the call center, right?

AXA Mandiri Call Center Information

Of course, it is very important to understand the  full information about the 24-hour free call center in AXA Mandiri. The company provides this service to provide detailed information about the life of the insurance. You will find important information differently, especially if this is your first time using insurance.

It contains information about the benefits when using insurance, regardless of the type. Because insurance is basically a form of compensation against the law. In addition, you can get information about customer obligations. Of course, you will have to pay premiums for subsequent insurance claims, right?

Information on how to apply for insurance that meets your needs will also be provided in full. Technical problems are not very common if you can’t claim insurance. This may be due to errors or lack of certain documents. Here, the role of the call service is the best option.

Customers can call the life insurance service number 1500 803. Customers can call the call center on 1500 733 for general insurance. However, keep in mind that this customer service can only be done on weekdays and during business hours, from 9 am to 5 pm.

24-hour call center service

Since general and mental health services for customers can only be performed during the week, some may be disappointed. But the fact is, you don’t have to worry about it. but of course there are other solutions for the 24-hour AXA Mandiri free call center through many other options.

An alternative may be services that appear in the form of Audio to Live Chat in the chat column of the website. This voice service can be accessed by dialing (021) 3005 9999. Here you can later get a special code, for example, code 11 for unit price service information.

There are other services or options for short messaging or SMS through Indosat and Telkomsel. But if you use this option, you must first increase your credit. This is because this short message charges a short message fee and the amount varies depending on the provider.

However, another 24-hour free AXA Mandiri call center service  that customers can use is a live chat on the official website. Here you can directly ask about the problem you are suffering from. Then, after a few minutes, there will be an answer in the chat column as a solution to the problem.

There is also a special service for customers in the Jabodetabek area called Quick Response. You can contact this service by calling (021) 3005 8788 during days and business hours. Although it is possible to contact him only during working hours, butthepresence of n ya is very useful, will it not solve the problem?

Axa Mandiri free call center

We provide mandiri AXA’s free call center service  so that every customer can get information anytime and anywhere. Of course, there are various important information, such as fee obligations for filing a claim. Especially for customers who have just taken advantage of AXA Mandiri insurance.

In reality, central calls are charged during business hours, and this depends on the customer’s provider. Two operators have access to calls from AXA Mandiri, namely Indosat and Telkomsel. Because of this, there are also many customers who are not too satisfied with the cost burden.

However, if you want to be unencumbered of credit fees, there are other solutions that can be used. One of them is to use the live chat option on the official website. The live chat feature of the website is often used to highlight a question. This is particularly worrying in the case of technical barriers when submitting claims.

There is also an information page, which already has different opinions about technical problems with insurance. It contains various information about the exchange of details of the policy, how to apply for insurance and the like. This way, customers can find the best solution by reading it if there are issues that match the ones they encounter.

In addition, another type of 24-hour AXA Mandiri free call center that can be used is a visit to the Care Corner. However, clients should visit the Care Corner, which is located in pertamina Central Hospital. Care Corner itself is a special service that represents AXA Mandori.

AXA Mandiri Care Corner Service

The Care Corner facility  can be used as an alternative to Mandiri’s 24-hour AXA free call center. The site is located in Jakarta, exactly in the Pertamina Central Hospital. Customers can also use customer service telemarketing on 1500 803 or send the specified email

With the Help of Care Corner, we can also encounter technical problems faced by customers. The first concerns claim services for certain types of insurance. Customers should therefore take into account insurance claims. Also try to complete the registration so that the process can be completed immediately.

The second concerns the filing of explicit and regular claims. Since there are two types of claims, then after that you need to pay attentionto some conditions nyes. There is usually a slight difference between the two types of claims. Although basically, some of the necessary documents and files are not too different from each other.

While the third is a service for changing insurance policies. Customers rarely want to apply for a change in the details of the insurance policy for various reasons. This is done so that data synchronization takes place and facilitates subsequent claims. Of course, you can also enjoy this opportunity by visiting the Care Corner.

In fact, as a form and effort to make it easier for every client, a call center is needed in any form. 24 calls and lack of payment or payment will certainly provide a solution to technical problems. Therefore , this 24-hour AXA Mandiri call center service  will be free of useful credit.

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