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Sicepat Surabaya The right service to deliver your package

Sicepat Surabaya is the right service for those of you who will send packages. Apart from the fast service, the cost is also cheap. Sicepat, one of the companies engaged in the field of freight forwarding services, has been present in the city of Surabaya for a long time. If you are a resident of Surabaya, you may have already used the surabaya fast service when  shopping atthemarketplace.

Surabaya is one of the major cities in Indonesia. Sicepat services are obviously already there, even some offices are also available in Surabaya. This freight forwarding service that focuses on serving e-commerce customers is relatively new. However, because the quality possessed is very good, it makes the sicepat grow rapidly. Currently, sicepat has become one of the calculated goods delivery services in Indonesia.

To increase the brand, sicepat often becomes a sponsor of various important events. There are somany TV shows and influencers that are used by sicepat to enhance brand image. Perhaps you have also often seen sicepat ads, whether on social media or on television. With ads that are everywhere, sicepat  has quickly gained popularity.

For those of you who are residents of Surabaya, you do not need to hesitate to use sicepat Surabaya the right service as a choice of goods delivery services. Using the speed of the goods that KAMU sends a kan to the destination quickly. There are so many fast services that can indeed deliver goods quickly to their destination, for example Tomorrow To Destination (BEST).

In addition to the BEST service, there are many other services as soon as possible that can pamper your needs when it comes to sending goods. For example, SIUNTUNG fast and cheap delivery service at regular prices. Then there is H3LO or 3 kilos is a freight forwarding service of 3.3 kilos, but only enough to pay 2 kilos. If you want to see a complete list of sicepat Surabaya services, you can see on the official website of sicepat.

Why choose Sicepat Surabaya

When choosing a freight forwarding service, you obviously should not be negligent in avoiding unwanted things when shipping.   Kamu must choose a fast and appropriate delivery service. One of them is sicepat Surabaya the right service for you. The quality of sicepat Surabaya sudah does not need to be questioned.  Sicepat Surabaya has several advantages over other freight delivery services.

First of all, it is the fast and safe delivery of goods. Sicepat surabaya can deliver goods in just under a day. Sicepat Surabaya also pays great attention to the safety of the barang that will be sent so that it is sure to reach its destination. The fast delivery of goods is a characteristic of both khand sicepat.

Secondly, namely cheap and fast services tend to have cheaper prices compared to other similar services. Although at a relatively cheaper price, the quality of the sicepat is not inferior. Sicepat always delivers the goods to their destination on time. So you don’t have to worry when using sicepat Surabaya.

If you are shopping at a market and want to make payments in COD, sicepat Surabaya is the service for you. Because sicepat already has a pay-on-delivery (COD) service. In addition to reaching the city of Surabaya, COD sicepat services also reach Jabodetabek, Yogyakarta, Solo and Semarang. By making a COD payment, you can ensure that the goods arrive before making a payment.

How tostore goods sent Melalui Sicepat Surabaya

One of the things you  want toknow most  when using a shipping service is to know where the position of the goods has arrived. You do not need khawashot if you use the services of sicepat Surabaya. Because sicepat Surabaya the right service already has a tracking service for the delivered goods. So you can track the items that are being shipped.

To track the goods, the method is quite easy. The first way is that you can use the sicepat website. You can visit https://www.sicepat.com/checkAwb to follow up. Simply provide a receipt number to follow up. You can track multiple items at the same time. Simply enter each receipt number in the column provided.

In addition to browsing the website, you can also track using KLIK speed. Sicepat KLIK is a WhatsApp bot service to support sicepat service. In addition to tracking goods quickly CLICK, you can also do other things such as checking shipping costs. Accessing this service is very easy. The trick is simply to type “SICEPAT” and then send it to the WhatsApp number 0813-1920-0030 or click on the following link bit.ly/SiCepatklik.

List of addresses of Sicepat Surabaya offices

Sicepat Surabaya is the right service to send packages, you already have several offices in Surabaya. If you want to send a package via sicepat, you can visit some of the following sicepat office addresses.

First of all, for those of you who are in the west of Surabaya, you can visit Jl. Kupang Jaya Indah No. 44, Simomulyo, Suko Manunggal District, Surabaya City 60281.  The sicepat office on Jalan Kupang Raya is open from 09:00 until the afternoon. If you want to ask questions first before coming, you can go to the phone number 0895-3275-87778.

Secondly, you can find sicepat ekspres Surabaya pusat at Jalan Ngagel Jaya Sel. No.56, Ngagelrejo, Wonokromo District, Surabaya City  60283. You can contact sicepat express Surabaya pusat melalui phone number (031) 99448882. For opening hours, it is from 07:00 to 22:00. The office is located about 17 km from Juanda International Airport.

Thirdly, you can find the right Surabaya fast service for your parcel delivery on Jalan Gebeng Kertajaya IX number 20. You can contact viathetelephone number (031) 5048426. In the meantime, if you want to contact melalui email can be via marketing@sicepat.com.

Fourth, the sicepat office is also located at Jalan Kenjeran No.270, Rangkah, Tambaksari District, Surabaya City  60135. If you want to contact first, you can go through the phone number 0857-0787-2159. Because it is during a pandemic, you can contact customer service in advance for services during the holidays. To see the address of all the offices of sicepat Surabaya can be seen on the official website of sicepat

Pel anggan’s review about Sicepat Surabaya

One of the things that can be an evaluation of the quality of a service is an evaluation or a customer opinion. There are so many who have used sicepat Surabaya the right service to deliver packages. Quite a few of them also gave their opinion on the Internet after using the services of sicepat Surabaya. The following is a summary of some reviews from several Sicepat Surabaya users.

Many say if the services provided are already excellent. In addition to the goods delivered on time, the server is also very good. But some complain that the delivery time is not as estimated. But the percentage that gives a bad rating is very small. When it comes to shipping goods, there are sometimes obstacles that cause the goods not to arrive at their destination on time.

When using the sicepat service, you need to know the conditions of the shipping status of the goods through the fast user interface. For example, CODA (Closed Once Delivery Attempt) which means that the markethas reached its destination but no one has received it. Knowing the meaning of the delivery status is very important. Therefore, you should study it before sending goods via the ui sicepat Surabaya the right service for the delivery of your package.

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