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How to transfer XL credit now bisa with a personal smartphone

XL credit transfers can now use users’ personal smartphones. So, it’s not surprising that XL providers make it easier for users to share credit in an emergency. This feature is very helpful for users when they need emergency credit to still be able to communicate with an XL card.

On this basis, the provider provides a function for credit to other users. However, the provider also sets the conditions for using the credit transfer function. If you do not meet the conditions specified by the provider to use the credit transfer function, the request cannot be processed further.

Therefore, make sure that you have met the conditions that apply in order to use the function to share credit to other XL users. If there are complaints or disruptions when sending credit to other XL users, you can directly contact the call center service provided by the provider so that complaints can be answered immediately.

Terms of use of the XL credit transfer function

In fact, XL credit transfers can now be done directly from personal smartphones. In fact, this feature of credit can be done anytime and anywhere. However, there are several requirements that must be followed and followed by users.

So, it  is surprising that many XL provider users realize that the reason why this credit transfer fails is because they do not comply with the established conditions. Therefore, you need to know what is required to use the function. Among them are the following:

  1. There is a minimum limit for credit delivery

The first requirement is that the sender must provide a minimum credit balance of Rp. 5,000. If the remaining balance is below the minimum, the provider will reject the request from the sender.


  1. Minimum credit transferred

The second requirement is that there is a minimum limit in a transaction for credit. XL is one of the providers that applies the minimum credit rule. If other providers specify a minimum credit transferred at Rp. 5,000, in this XL the minimum credit transferred is Rp. 1,000. And XL credit transfers can now be cheaper than other competing providers.


  1. Credit transfer fee

The third condition is that the sender will be charged a credit transfer fee between other users of Rp. 500 per transaction. In addition, there is a maximum limit to apply for such functions. You can only send 5x requests in a day and the maximum credit balance sent is around Rp. 1,000,000.


  1. Active period of the user’s XL card

The fourth condition is that the active period of the sender’s XL card must be active for at least the next 30 days. In addition, the starter kit used by this sender has been used for at least 180 days.


XL credit transfer method via short message (SMS)

Did you know that XL credit transfers can now use short message or SMS methods. This method is considered the simplest and is guaranteed to be 100% successful if you meet the requirements set by the provider. How to transfer XL credit through this short message method is very fast.


First, enter the SMS menu. Then write the format of XL credit by typing DIVIDE (space) the destination number (space) of the nominal credit transferred. Then send the SMS format to number 168. Then there will be an SMS confirming the transfer of credit. Then press Y to continue it. Wait a few moments for the emergency credit to be transferred to the recipient’s phone number.


XL credit transfer method via USSD call

The method of XL credit can also be through USSD calls. This method is also simple and practical for those who want to share credit with other XL users. How to use this method is quite simple.


You just need to open the call menu. Then dial *123*168# and tap call. After that, enter the XL number to which you are going to transfer emergency credit. Then enter the nominal amount of the credit transferred.


Wait for the credit confirmation code to appear. If the code has appeared, enter the confirmation code and press enter. And the XL credit transfer process can now receive a notification if the transaction is declared successful.


Credit transfer method via XL website

Xl’s official website is also one of the media outlets to share credit with other users. Perhaps this method is a bit complicated as you have to enter the XL website first. However, this is one of the safest ways because the official XL website cannot be breached by hackers. This method is also very simple.


First, go to the official XL website on www.xl.co.id. Then select the option to share or transfer credit. Enter the phone number you want to go to. Then specify the nominal to be transferred to the credit recipient number. Wait a few moments until you receive an SMS with a confirmation code. Enter the code. Then tap send.


Kreditöverföringsmetod via MyXL-appen

XL credit transfer can now be done through the MyXL app. Apparently, the MyXL application is used not only to check and replenish credit or internet data quota. However, this application from XL is also useful for credit to other XL provider users. This method is also considered simpler and safer.


First, download and install the MyXL application through the Google Play Store (Android Phone) or App Store (iOs Phone). Then enter your XL number for the account registration process.


On the application page you will find the menu for credit transfer. Then, an e-form display for credit is displayed. Enter the destination phone number along with the nominal amount of credit transferred.


After that, you will receive a token code sent via SMS. Enter the code and press send. Wait a few moments until the credit you send goes to the destination number. Therefore, XL credit transfers can now be said to be easier, more convenient and faster.


What if the XL credit transfer process is declared unsuccessful to send?

Sometimes this process of credit sharing experiences issues that cause transfer errors. This is really quite disappointing, because the recipient needs an emergency credit for something.


If the XL credit transfer process is declared to be an error, you must immediately contact customer service. XL credit transfer errors can  now  contact the call center directly so you can get help with the cause. The call center service provided by the XL provider is quite a lot of choices and is active 24 hours a day.


You can contact XL call center services through interactive phones, social media and digital applications. For XL call center services via interactive phone, you can call 817. This XL call center by phone is active for a full 24 hours.


In addition, you can file a complaint via social media on @myXLCare (Twitter) or @myXL (Facebook Fanpages). Then you can also complain through the MyXL application. Because the application is provided with a live chat feature. Therefore, XL credit transfer errors can now directly contact the call center from the MyXL application.


For XL credit, it is one of the functions of obtaining “emergency” credit from other users. This feature is quite simple and anyone can use it, as long as it meets the current conditions. The XL provider provides 4 credit transfer methods. And to monitor the status of credit, the XL credit transfer process can now be checked directly through the MyXL website or application.

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